Baby Cats – Cute and Funny Cat Videos Compilation #8 | Aww Animals

Why would people hate these cutiesThey may be not a cat person but couldn’t they keep it for themselves ­čśĄHahah ÔŁĄ I love your videos I will keep watching your videosÔŁĄ aww and that really makes me want to cry I love those videoskittens are the cutest. How sweet and cute are these kittens!!Never seen this much lovely cats before. If i had kittens like this at my home i would have spend my entire time playing with them instead of doing anything elseMy cat passed away today, she wasn’t sick or anything, she was healthy and had a good body, i think i knew why she left.. She missed my other cat, recently, 2 days ago, my other cat died and my cat hasn’t been eating since he died, i know she missed him and couldn’t accept the fact my other cat was gone now, i know they’re united again­čśŐ­čą║­čś╗­čĺô­č弭č匭蜺

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