German Shepherd Meets Puppies for the First Time ya

It’s amazing how they all have such different personalities from birth. One is like, “I’m going to hide behind this pillow so maybe Daddy won’t notice me.” And the little yellow one is like, “Daddy! I bite you on the nose!” 😄The gentleness of the dad/mom is so incredible and heart warming. She’s so gentle around them. Blows my mind to see this little interaction.I’d love to live in your house…the amount of love being generated everyday by all your pets must be phenomenal….haha…just the love from those precious puppy tails wagging full speed would be enough ❤️. Thank you for posting these and bringing happiness to so many of us.German shepherds are really one of the best dog breeds. I grew up with one, he was such a nice loyal dog. He was so sweet and gentle, they really are underrated pups.

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